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Al Farah International Food Security Company LLC

A Jordanian company founded in the year 2008 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and it is the exclusive agent for Qualiko chicken products in Jordan, one of the products of the Ukrainian MHP company, which is one of the largest companies producing chicken in the world, and the agents of Terafood, the largest producer of dairy, cheese and dairy products, as well as the raw materials used in the manufacture of food products.

Its establishment came within the framework of strengthening economic cooperation and trade exchange between Jordan and Ukraine, and based on the firm belief in the importance of strengthening national efforts aimed at developing the investment environment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan because of its role in stimulating the economy and creating job opportunities for our promising Jordanian youth.


Al-Farah International Food Security Company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under number 17308 on 7/10/2008 as a limited liability company.


  • Contribute to advancing the Jordanian economy and supporting national efforts aimed at its advancement and encouraging foreign investments in the Jordanian market by opening channels for trade exchange between Jordan and Ukraine.
  • Supporting Jordanian food security and enhancing consumer confidence by providing the Jordanian market with high-quality food products at affordable prices.
  • Establishing and maintaining distribution networks covering all governorates of the Kingdom, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
  • Establishing and maintaining commercial relations with the various relevant official and government agencies and ensuring what the market needs.
  • Practicing all distribution and promotion of the mother company's products, such as participating in specialized local and international exhibitions.


Al-Farah International Food Security Company has been keen since its establishment to deliver its products to all groups of Jordanian society in various governorates, and to achieve this goal it has established a sister company responsible for distribution inside Jordan and the governorates in the name of the Jordanian Company for Ukrainian Food Supplies equipped with a fleet of refrigerated trucks equipped with the highest international standards in order to preserve quality Distributed products.

The import of Qualiko chicken products to Jordan began in the year 2009, and the Jordanian Company for Ukrainian Food Supplies contributed to distributing it in a logistical manner in all regions of the Kingdom through distribution agents located in the north and south of the Kingdom.


Due to the high quality and competitive price of Qualiko chicken products, the company was able to establish business relationships with military and civilian consumer institutions, hypermarkets, restaurants, food production, and distribution and hospitality companies, such as the loyalty company. Qualiko chicken products have become one of the basic products required in the Jordanian market, which is highly sought after by consumers in all governorates of the Kingdom.

The company has also contributed to supporting the Jordanian official markets by offering competitive offers and preferential prices, as part of its keenness to deliver high quality products to all segments of society.

Due to its constant concern for the availability of strategic stocks that take into account the need of the Jordanian market, the company managed to maintain the supply of all branches of civilian and military consumer institutions during the Covid-19 crisis, and thus contributed to meeting the needs of citizens in light of the exceptional circumstances imposed by this crisis from curfews and closures that hindered the movement of distribution and supply.

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